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Waeva  weaves together your dreams, the web, graphics, video, audio, mobile and social networking like no other.  We communicate your message to the world, inspiring and touching people globally.

We have completed countless projects worth millions of dollars in technology and multimedia equipment. Projects for all types of individuals, non-profits, agencies, small businesses, musical artists, authors, and speakers. Our clients are happy to choose some or all our services to grow their business and to get their message out.

Wa.ev.a  team also comes with much experience in the multimedia field. Additionally, most of our team play very active roles in the audio/video, graphic arts, drama, photography, and theatrical lighting field.  All of our team members are very active each week volunteering their services in churches and non-profit organizations. We are intimately familiar with the needs and challenges of business.

The Management Team


Our company comes with major strengths in the field of multimedia and technology. Our management team has been in the business since the early 90's, making successful business happen in the midst of constant change. The team comes with many years of experience in the business field and has been involved in all aspects of Business Management.  Our management team members have successfully managed operations for several prominent organizations domestically and internationally.

Non Profit Organizations


Since 1988, we have been privileged to work with numerous non-profit companies. We have worked with hundred of churches affiliated with the Assemblies of God, Evangelical, Protestants, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Church of God In Christ, Baptist and Independent churches.  We had had tremendous success working with other charity based organizations that have significantly impacted and made a difference in our world. 


For Profit Companies


Companies such as Microsoft, ING, Amazon, Paypal, Mc Donalds, Dell, Microsoft, CISCO, HP, CITRIX, GoDaddy, Big Commerce, WIX, Square Space,  and Computer Associates are only some of names with which we have been privileged to work with.

Excellent service has been the cornerstone of  Waeva INC. We take advantage of state of the arts technology to provide our customers with cutting edge service. Our major competitive strengths are availability, diversity, portability, flexibility, and security. 

This love of music, video, graphics and technology is what drives us every day to help customers become more successful.


We know the excitement of launching your first website or the thrill of seeing many people respond to your post online. In addition to being a full-service technology company, we are the fastest and easiest around. When you need help with website design and maintenance, social media page design and maintenance, multimedia audio/video or graphic editing, look no further.

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