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About Live Streaming

Stream live videos directly on your site and connect with your fans in real-time. Share anything: bring your class online, broadcast a concert, and lead a Q&A session. 

Archive your videos on the website and create a library of resources for your viewers.

Live Stream from Your Desktop Using an Encoder

You can go live directly from your desktop using an encoder.

An encoder is a special software that allows you to stream from your desktop computer. 

NOTE: The encoder you use must  allow you to enter a custom RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) 

Setting Up Your Live Stream

There are two ways to Live Stream to your website. You can Go Live Immediately or you can schedule a Live Stream.

HD Streaming Tips

Make sure you have a solid internet connection

You’ll want an upload speed of at least 4 Mbps.  Make sure you’re looking at upload speed, not download. 

We strongly recommend plugging in directly to your router. Wifi isn’t very stable and can cause issues even when your internet is fast.​

Encourage your guests to use a computer if possible (instead of mobile), and plug in to their router.

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