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Image by Suzana Sousa

Hey <City Name>!!!!
How can I pray for you this week?
My name is <Name>, and I am one of the Pastors at ... Church.
As a Pastor, there is one thing I know for sure...

Every single person is either


1. Going through a storm
2. Just came out of a storm
3. About to go through a storm


So whatever it is, I'd love to pray with you personally...
Click on the link below and send me your prayer request.

After all, it can't hurt to have a pastor praying for you, right?

I promise to read every one and to pray personally for you this week.

See you soon :-)

Image by Suzana Sousa

This Sunday is International Go Back To Church Sunday!

Did I just make that up? 


Sure did. 

But if you’re reading this, it’s not an accident. 

What if this Sunday is the day everything changes for you? 

What if this Sunday is the day you finally find what you've been looking for? 

You can wear whatever you want, drink coffee in the sanctuary, and meet some great people. 

We don’t judge. We help people win. 

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This Sunday @ 9:30am and 11am // We’re saving a seat for 

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Image by Suzana Sousa




/// Remember when you were a kid and church was B-O-R-I-N-G? /// 

Well, we remember too. 

That’s why at ____________ we’ve made it our mission to make church FUN AGAIN. 

Come check us out this Sunday and we’ll hook the kids up with FREE ice cream. 

Our kids church has a huge playground, basketball court, rock wall and biplane. 

The bible lessons are fun, vibrant and sticky. Kids can be creative, (burn off energy!) and get prizes for learning their Memory Verse. 

Your kids will beg you to come back. We have free coffee every week and you can feel free to take it into service with you. 

You’ll love the music and the preaching is ANYTHING but boring here at __________. 

Oh, and no need to dress up, just wear what you normally wear :) 

See you this Sunday at _________

We don’t judge, we help people win. 

Headline: This Sunday… 

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Your Kids Are Going To Love It Here! 

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