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Facebook Boosting

Go to your business page


Create a Post,

or Click on an Event, Post, Live, Video, Picture, that has the BOOST Post button enabled.

Click  Boost Post

Under Automatic

Click Change

Under Goals

choose what results you want e.g. Get more messages

Then Click Save

Facebook - Goals.png

Under Message

Click the Edit button

Facebook - Message.png
TIP: Your message should always be:


1. Very simple

2. A Question.

e.g. "How can we pray for you today?"

It is important that you respond to each person's request by name.
Responses are most effective in the following order.

1. A video of you responding to the person with their name. 

2. An audio recording of your response


3. A text message personalized.


Under Audience

Click the Pencil edit tool

Under location, type your location. 

Then expand the reach to get as many people as possible.

Facebook - Audience.png

Select Duration and Budget options

Then select Boost Post Now.

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