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Messaging Facebook Followers

Go to your business page


Click on Settings


Click on People and other Pages

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Hover over the  Name of the person who followed


Click on Message

To really benefit from the campaign we recommend the following.
Image by Hanny Naibaho

 1. Appreciate


As quickly as possible, say thank you for the page like or follow.


Let them know that you appreciate the follow.


Always use their name when possible; Here is an example.


 "John, thank you for following our page. This week we are praying for all of our follower's families. How can we pray for you or someone in your family?"

Helping Hands

2. Assistance


See how you can help. You have an excellent opportunity to link people back to pages on your site that can be helpful, like FAQs, or your blog to give them more information about you and how you can help them.


This information is especially crucial in the early days of your followers getting to learn more. 


It’s always a good idea to give subscribers additional ways to get in touch with you and interact with you. Give them a number to call for help. Build a relationship.


 "John, thank you for being a follower of our page. You asked us to pray for you and your family. How are they doing?


We have some resources that can help. Would you be interested?... it's free"

Image by Nsey Benajah

 3. ASK

This step should be done after you have built a relationship with the person. After you have spent some time building trust, and you feel the time is right, then ask for their telephone number or email address.


If this step is done too early, you may lose the person!


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