Church Websites

What is the average cost for church website design?


The cost of a church website can vary and depends on the path you take. There are basically four options that can be explored.


The free option:

You are responsible for everything including designing, hosting, and maintaining your church website. You may need to know some programming languages like HTML. Additionally, you may need some technical skills to host and maintain your church's website.

Some DIY website builders come with free options also where all the hard stuff is done. However, it may come with their ads on the church's website and their name in the church's domain name.


DIY Website option:

A Do It Yourself (DIY), drag and drop website builder will only cost your church $5 -$80/month, and also offer advanced functionalities (such as eCommerce). You don’t need any technical or designing skills to use a DIY website builder to design your church's website. All the hard stuff is taken care of so it’s easy to get your church website online.