Church Websites - Top secrets church websites are using for growth in 2020

There are some things that must be considered when designing websites for churches. The best website designs all address the following areas to be successful.


Simple layout and aesthetics go a long way in convincing the visitor to stay at first glance. Several factors such as all contribute to good church website design. These are the keys for an optimal layout:

  • Functionality

  • Consistency,

  • Colors,

  • Typography,

  • Imagery,



The main goal your website should achieve is to be able to immediately tell a story. What you may get wrong about storytelling on your website is that the story is not about YOU. The story must be the story your customers and prospects are telling themselves. They need to see themselves in the story which starts with their challenges, problems, and issues that they don’t know how to solve.

You have to immediately let your website visitor see that you know what they’re struggling with and that there’s a good chance that you know how to solve it.