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The Best Church Websites

Need new website? Here are some stellar websites are worth looking at.

By the way, while the sites below are awesome, there really isn’t such a thing as “The Best Website,” and we can’t possibly visit every one of the hundre

ds of thousands of possibilities. So, tell us about a site you love that we missed using the form at the bottom. We will be sure to look at them for future updates or articles.

1. Christ Unveiled Church | Garland, Texas

Visually stimulating, colorful, and abstract, this site integrates large scripted fonts with colorful overlays to convey a welcoming and fun atmosphere. The site makes excellent use of their branding elements throughout and uses interesting animations to draw visitors further into the site.


2. The Village Church

The Village Church uses their main headline to tap into a problem we all face. Instead of tapping into our human longing for community, this headline addresses our universal craving for hope. Each one of us, at one time or another, has felt hopeless. We’ll think things like, “This is as good as it gets. I’m broken and my

best years are behind me.”

Much like community, hope is another universal need that your church can meet. People are looking for hope and you can help them find it at your church. You can help them find unending hope through a relationship with Jesus.


3. Bridgetown Church

There’s an old rule on the web that states you only have about 10 seconds to make a good first impression on a visitor to your site before they leave. A quality headline can resonate with a new visitor in a big way, but nothing can hook your visitors faster than visuals. One of the best investments your church can make is to hire a photographer a couple of times a year (if you don’t have a photographer in your congregation already) to shoot a couple hundred photos of what life at your church looks like. These visuals will help your new visitors get a picture of what life at your church is really like.


4. Anthem Church | Burlington, Massachusetts

If the name Anthem doesn’t create a sense of excitement, their hero section certainly does. We love the active heading backed by an appropriately exciting image. The bright colors and high contrast contribute to the “ready to go” vibe, and their call to action buttons lead you to act on this excitement.


5. Anchor Church | Sydney, Australia

This high contrast site does an excellent job of using modern web design principles to create a new and cool atmosphere. Beyond their effective use of design, Anchor does a wonderful job communicating with their congregation and new visitors. They maintain an active blog and publish featured “Stories” that invite guests into a close-knit community.


6.Hill City Church

Sadly, the word “church” comes with a stigma for many people. Church is a place where there are strict rules. Church is a place where you are judged. Church is a place where you need to believe what we believe — or else. Knowing that this stigma exists, Hill City does a great job of immediately putting new visitors at ease with their website’s main headline. Hill City wants you to know that if you’re a part of their community, you’ll always a safe place to explore your faith — belonging before belief as they say.

Moreover, Hill City pairs their headline with a crazy-fun video background of the church celebrating with confetti.


7. Thrive Church | Camden, Arkansas

This church makes getting involved easy. From their individual ministry sign ups to their Plan a Visit pop-up menu, they make excellent use of both forms and their event management system. This makes getting involved or in touch a breeze for guests.


8. God Chaser’s Community Church | San Antonio, Texas

One word: bold. From the bright orange branding to the large scripted fonts, this site stands out. As you move down the homepage, patterns and bright colored gradients are integrated into all of the design elements. Even the photographs of the pastors have bright colors in background. The name “God Chasers” sets an active precedent, and their lively website lives up to it.


9. A Seattle Church | Seattle, Washington

They had us at the logo: the Seattle Space Needle is cleverly nested inside the cross. By taking a landmark building and combining it with a classic Christian symbol, they integrated a sense of traditionalism with contemporary Christianity. Additionally, their site is clean and easy to navigate. The hard edges and flat design elements really make their content pop.

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