6 Things the Lord Hates about your website

Seven ABOMINATIONS you should never get caught doing

  1. Thou shalt not give thy volunteer total control of thy site.

Oh Oh ... Our volunteer guy left because he was not happy with …

You already saw this story. You may already know that volunteers come and go. Who is the administrator of your website? In whose name is the website registered? Hmm...

What happens when the young volunteer leaves on not so good terms? Or, what happens when he or she has the password to the website, and is unwilling to share it? If you think that is bad, consider this. A popular church had their website domain name sold to a porn site by a disgruntled parishioner. The online viewers were in for a rude surprise that Sunday, when they tuned in for the live streaming of their favorite church.


2. Remember thy search engines, to keep them happy.

Great News! Bill and Melinda Gates just moved into your church’s neighborhood. They are looking for a new church home. Bill turns to Google to look for local churches in your neighborhood.

Uuh… Unfortunately your church shows up on page five! What would be even worse, is if your website never shows up! Much too often this happens.

It is no secret that people use Google to shop for churches. So, if your church website is not optimized, it may end up being ‘invisible’ to that person seeking a church.

Imagine this. As many as nine out of ten prospective guests will get their first impression of your church based on what they see when they go to the church website. That’s huge! It may be the most overlooked outreach tool we have.

The church that minimizes the value of its website, is the church that minimizes its opportunities to reach people.